CR-Scan Lizard Luxury 3D Tarama Cihazı

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Fiyatı (KDV Dahil): 28.382,68 ₺

Bu Fiyattan: 31.220,00 ₺ düştü.
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  • Can "See" without Hints

    CR-Scan Lizard is a real time saver. The intelligent algorithm makes 3D scanning as easy as taking a video. No need to stick markers anymore, even for big parts like engine hood, car door, front or rear bumpers and so on. CR-Scan Lizard can acutely and comprehensively capture fine details of the target with the 3D model built up perfectly, successfully realizing no-marker scanning.

  • Scan Black Objects

    “Blackness” or “brightness” is no longer challenging. CR-Scan Lizard can scan black objects, and it maintains excellent performance even in bright sunlight. This breakthrough relies on a high-precision binocular camera system with a self-developed multi-spectral optical system, vastly improving light adaptability, allowing CR-Scan Lizard to have more scanning targets. Even outdoor scanning becomes an easy job!

  • One Click Uploading and Sharing

    Connect CR Studio with Creality Cloud, and the 3D model can be uploaded to the database (Creality Cloud) with slicing and printing completed with just one click, which is quite handy. The sharing function is also supported. If you want to make interactions and share the fun with friends, Creality Cloud will meet your need!

Scan in Bright Sunlight

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