ELEGOO Mars 4 9K Reçine 3D Yazıcı

Fiyat: 9.605,00 ₺ + KDV

Fiyatı (KDV Dahil): 11.526,00 ₺



Main Features:



  • 7-Inch 9K Mono LCD: Mars 4 boasts a 7-inch 9K mono LCD that boasts an impressive 8520x4320 resolution and 18μm XY resolution, enabling you to print crisp and intricate models every time with every detail of your model accurately rendered.
  • Large Building Volume: The 153.36x77.76x175 mm³/6.04x3.06x6.89 inch build volume provides you with enough space for daily creations without sacrificing printing accuracy.
  • COB Light Source: The Mars 4 uses a powerful COB light source that uniformly exposes the beam of 405nm wavelength across the entire LCD, ensuring that your prints are consistent and accurate.
  • Laser-Carved Build Plate: The build plate has a laser-carved surface that provides excellent adhesion and ensures that models stick to the build plate during printing to improve the printing success rate.
  • User-Friendly UI: The 3.5-inch touch screen comes with a model preview function and a real-time progress bar that allows you to monitor the printing process and make adjustments as needed.
  • Upgraded Air Purifier: The upgraded plug-in air purifier has a plastic protective case to protect the built-in activated carbon filter, effectively reducing resin odor during printing. 






9K Print Quality

The 7-inch 9K monochrome LCD with 8520x4320 resolution and 18x18 microns XY resolution allows you to print models with extremely fine details and sharp edges at a printing speed of up to 70mm/h, achieving superior quality and precision.




Super Stable Structure

The Z-axis is driven by a linear guide rail that ensures stable and precise movement during printing, effectively reducing the layer texture and making the model surface smoother.

The non-slip hexagon socket leveling screws are simple to handle, making it easy to level the build plate.

The laser-engraved build plate provides excellent adhesion during the printing process and easy to remove printed models.

The printer's mid-plate is designed with a raised step to prevent resin from flowing inside the printer and causing any damage to the printer's internal components.


Powerful COB Light Source

Mars 4 adopts a powerful COB light source consisting of 36 LEDs hidden beneath a monochrome LCD that work together to provide a highly uniform UV light beam throughout the build area. The result is your printed models with exceptional precision and smooth surfaces.

Efficient Heat Dissipation

With a large cooling fan and heat-conducting copper tubes next to the COB light source for fast heat transfer, this ensures efficient heat dissipation performance and prolongs the service life of the printer.


Voxeldance Tango Slicer

Mars 4 uses Voxeldance Tango Slicer, which offers three printing modes of static mode and dynamic mode (including smooth mode and high-speed mode) to improve printing efficiency and optimize your prints for quality and speed, or a balance of both.

The open-sourced GOO slice file is compatible with third-party slicing software, giving you the freedom to choose the best slicing software for your needs.



Better Printing Experience

The upgraded USB air purifier comes with a plastic protective case that protects the built-in activated carbon filter and absorbs and filters resin odor during printing. 

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